Recreatiepark de Koornmolen


Each year, recreation area Rottemeren is visited more than 2,5 million times by recreationists. They just love spending time on and by the water, cycling and hiking in the green area, having a picnic on the field and whatnot.

The Rottemeren is a unique and versatile recreation area. The age-old river the Rotte is the backbone of the area. You’ll find a number of yacht harbors, restaurants, visual art displays and outdoor sporting activities. Besides that, there’s plenty of space to sunbathe, bike, swim, picnic, hike, sail or go horseback riding. The Rottemeren consists of a number of areas, each with its own character. We’ve highlighted them below.

Hoge Bergse Bos

The hills of the Hoge Bergse Bos make up a stunning and unique area. Located on what used to be a landfill (!), this recreation area has been designed for sport-loving visitors: climbing, mountain biking, bushcraft, skating, golfing, sailing and much more. Art enthusiasts can also indulge themselves in this area – ceramist Joop Cock has his art on display at art center Artihove. In the area are three hiking trails which are easily identified by the red, blue and green poles. The red hiking trail is approximately 3,5 kilometers long, the green trail over 2 kilometers and the blue trail 1,5 kilometers.

Lage Bergse Bos

Magnificent park-like recreational woods that provide the perfect grounds for a stroll. Many roads and paths lead you through and along the nicest spots in the area. You can find Pavilion ‘De Bergse Plas’ and their bocce course at the meeting point plaza. Taking a nice long stroll is a must.

The Zevenhuizer Zoom

The most beautiful area (although we’re pretty biased). The Zevenhuizer Zoom area is a patch of green alongside the east bank of the Rotte. This strip is right next to the waters which provides you with stunning views when you’re cycling around the area. De Eendracht marina, Leisure Park De Koornmolen, Café De Roerdomp and Brasserie ’t Graanhuys are on the southern bank of the Zevenhuizer Zoom and provides lots to do for visitors. A bit more up north you can find nature reserve Koornmolengat. An amazing part of nature which is home to a lot of birds that come here to breed (with no less than 75 different species).

You can find all of this on walking and cycling distance from Leisure Park De Koornmolen. Book now!

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