Recreatiepark de Koornmolen


Whoever thought that this age-old game came was a French tradition might be deceived. Despite its French name (it’s called Jeu des Boules in Dutch) and the fact that you can find a bocce course in pretty much every French town, it was actually the Greek who started it. However, it was more of a game of strength, like the shot-put, than a game of skill. But in the end, it was the Romans who made it a game of skill. While the Greek and Romans lost interest in bocce, the game turned out to be wildly popular in France. This is also where the similar game of petanque originated. Now, centuries later, each visitor can play this game at Leisure Park De Koornmolen. We’ve designed a unique course especially for enthusiasts of the sport. The course is located next to the football field and the ping pong tables at campsite De Koornmolen. Of course visitors of the bungalow park can also have a go at the game.