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de Koornmolen

The surroundings at the Koornmolen are beautiful

Recreational area de Rottemeren

  • Beautiful cycling and walking routes
  • The Koornmolen is located directly in this area
  • Historic Sites
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Nature playground de Hennipgaarde

  • Playful learning in nature
  • Slides and water pond
  • Crawl and stealth routes
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Cycling routes

  • Enjoy cycling through nature
  • Beautiful routes
  • Easy cycling to Gouda and Rotterdam
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Have a walk

  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Discover the catering industry along the Rotte 
  • Beautiful routes
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  • Have fun on river the Rotte
  • Sail to Rotterdam
  • Boat rental just 5 minutes by bike
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  • Fishing at the Hennipsloot or the Rotte
  • Beautiful places
  • Fishing license available at the reception
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