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de Koornmolen
20 feb 2023

Small changes at the Koornmolen

We take it every year in the debrief: the survey. For us it is extremely important what our guests say about the park and we then work with that. Thus, important tips emerged that we have been working on this winter. 

For example, we made more clothes hooks in the private sanitary facilities. The survey clearly showed that our guests would like more hooks in the private bathroom. Now we have three hooks (instead of one). So more space to hang stuff. 

Another obvious point was the lighting. Our guests found especially the stretch from the Hazenveld (between numbers 5 and 7 in) to the large toilet building very dark. Here we have now made a lighting pole. Now everyone can clearly see where the path is. In addition, we have replaced all the old, broken lighting poles with new ones.

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