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de Koornmolen


Delft is a city that is definitely worth a day trip. The historic city center offers a lot for culture enthusiasts, shopkeepers, historians and tourists. The leafy squares, tranquil courtyards and romantic canals make you forget time. Delft is fantastic to walk through. It is attractive and you can still really discover the traditional facades. Everyone moves with the times. So is Delft. Today, thanks to the Technical University and research institute TNO, Delft presents itself primarily as a knowledge city. Below we have highlighted a number of fun activities.

Take a step into the Golden Age

The Dutch glory days. In the Golden Age, the Netherlands was one of the most important countries in the field of trade and war, and all of this can be clearly seen in the beautiful historic city of Delft. All kinds of fun themed activities are organized throughout the city. Discover them on the website

Delfts blue

It is world famous; the Delft blue. It has a wonderfully rich history, which goes all the way back to the early 1600s. Of the 32 pottery bakeries from the 17th century, Royal Delft is the only remaining factory in Delft. They have now been making Delft pottery for 365 years. Because of this unique event, all kinds of special activities are organized!

Delft: the city of Orange

Delft and the Royal House have been linked for centuries. Delft is the city where 'Father of the Fatherland' William of Orange came to live in 1572 after his flight from Breda and where he was murdered twelve years later. But the relationship between Delft and the royal family also has a modern, positive touch. Look here for the most important (royal) sights of Delft.

Delft is fairly easy to reach from Recreatiepark de Koornmolen. It is a great advantage that the Koornmolen is so centrally located. The entire Randstad and the beautiful historic cities in between are very quickly and easily accessible.

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