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Discover Rotterdam
If there is a city with a story, it is Rotterdam. The bombardment, reconstruction and innovation with which the inhabitants still shape today. Rotterdam is an incredibly interesting place. A place where everything is possible and where there is still much to discover. Rotterdam is a must if you are on holiday at Recreatiepark de Koornmolen.
Rotterdam is a young, dynamic metropolis. Sparkling skyscrapers, an impressive harbor, trendy restaurants and food markets, renowned museums and great festivals. It's impossible in this city. A visit to the Kuip, the Feyenoord stadium, to the market hall or to get a delicious sandwich in the Witte de Withstraat are recommended. Rotterdam is very easily accessible from Recreatiepark de Koornmolen. You can go there by bus (goes in the village), car or bicycle. Do you have a boat? Then you can even sail to Rotterdam via the Rotte. Rotterdam has been voted the best city center in 2015 and 2017. More than worth a visit!

Below we have selected a top 10 sights in Rotterdam:


Who doesn't know it? Certainly one of the most famous buildings in Rotterdam. The Euromast was built in 1960. At the time, the building was 107 meters high, making it the tallest building in the city. As a symbol of Rotterdam, the 185 meter high building has more to offer than just a beautiful view. You can also eat, drink, party, get married and even sleep in the Euromast. The people without fear of heights can even abseil or zip down. Curious about the Euromast? Click on the link below and visit the website.


Talk about 'symbols of Rotterdam'. The Koopgoot is one of the most famous sights in the city center. The shopping street is particularly popular among the inhabitants of Rotterdam. The Koopgoot actually had the original name 'Beurstraverse'. The Koopgoot is actually a nickname. This is mainly due to the fact that a gutter has literally been dug to turn it into a shopping street. The Koopgoot continues under the Coolsingel and therefore traffic and shoppers are not bothered by each other.

Market Hall Rotterdam

Since the autumn of 2014, Rotterdam has been the proud city of the most beautiful covered market hall in the Netherlands. The large building can be found in the center at Binnenrotte and Blaak. The Markhal is a perfect mix of shops, restaurants, market stalls and homes. For lovers of modern architecture and/or lovers of good food, the Markthal is a must to visit. The many stalls offer not only fresh products with which you can cook yourself, but also delicious dishes from different world cuisines. These can be taken away or eaten on site.

Hotel New York

This fantastic hotel is housed in the former headquarters of the famous Holland-America Line. The cruise company that made a crossing between Rotterdam and New York possible. Thousands of Dutch people have found a new life in the United States through this society. The Holland-America Line mainly made crossings between 1873 and 1971. The history is still clearly visible in the Hotel New York, which opened in 1993. Fortunately, many recognizable details have been preserved.


A visit to Rotterdam is actually not complete without a cruise on the Nieuwe Maas and a part of the Port of Rotterdam. For centuries, water has been Rotterdam's greatest raison d'ĂȘtre. Thanks to Spido's cruises, you can get to know Rotterdam from the water. During the boat trips a lot of information is given about everything you see along the way and about the beautiful metropolis of Rotterdam.

Cube Houses

Since its foundation, there have been shared opinions about the cube houses in the center of Rotterdam. Some find it beautiful buildings and others find it horrific. The now deceased Dutch architect Piet blom was inspired by structuralism. Dar means that the environment and the existing building are not taken into account. His specialty and preference was to place the buildings on columns, so that the space below can be used as usual. The cube houses have three floors. There is a possibility to visit.

Grote of Sint Laurenskerk

This beautiful church once dominated the skyline of Rotterdam. Nowadays there are of course many more other and higher buildings in the city. The oldest parts of the church date from 1449 and 1525. Unfortunately, much of the church was destroyed during the First and Second World Wars. But during the great bombardment of Rotterdam on 14 May 1940, the church was one of the few buildings that remained standing. The tower, which has been restored several times, is open to the public. There are also options for a guided tour. During the tour you will not only learn a lot about the church, but also about the history of the city.

Feyenoord stadium 'de Kuip'

Many a Rotterdam football fan's heart beats faster at the name 'de Kuip'. De Kuip is the nickname of Stadion Feyenoord, the home of Feyenoord Rotterdam. But 'de Kuip' is also a kind of temple for other football supporters. The beautiful stadium was built and realized in 1937. The formerly governed Leen van Zandvliet has been of great influence for the realization of this football stadium. De Kuip is also the scene of the annual cup final in April. In addition, several world stars have also given a concert here. De Kuip is inextricably linked to Dutch football history. Various guided tours are available to learn everything about Feyenoord, the stadium and the city.

Witte de Withstraat

The Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam is a popular and very lively cultural entertainment district with many art galleries, popular cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and shops that are just that little bit different. The great atmosphere of the Witte de Withstraat is enhanced by the many terraces on the street. The Witte de Withstraat is the perfect place for people who like to socialize.

Erasmus Bridge

The icon of Rotterdam: the Erasmus Bridge! The bridge, more than eight hundred meters long, makes a perfect connection between the northern and southern banks of Rotterdam. The average fifteen meter high bridge, also known as 'the swan', crosses the new Maas and is located in the center of the city. The Dutch are already known as the best bridge builders in the world and that is confirmed once again with the Erasmus Bridge. Because the bridge can be opened, the traffic is not hindered by it.

And that's not all. Rotterdam is beautiful in every, simple way! 

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