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de Koornmolen

The Hague

The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Everyone knows The Hague, of course, as the political center of the Netherlands. The Hague is also quite well known internationally. This is because of the international court. The Hague is also one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The first archaeological finds date back to 3000 BC. At that time, however, the name The Hague was still a long way off. The current The Hague dates from 1230(!), when Count Floris IV had a modest castle built. In The Hague you can really find everything. Historic buildings, delicious eateries, cozy terraces, lots of sports and plenty of nightlife.


The Hague offers a wealth of beautiful and impressive art. Be inspired by special museums in The Hague and beautiful exhibitions. Admire the great works of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Mondrian in the Mauritshuis and Gemeentemuseum. Discover the largest painting in the Netherlands, Panorama Mesdag. And let your imagination run wild in the Escher museum or discover the pearl in the Scheveningen dunes, Museum Beelden aan Zee.

Field trips

Go crazy and get off the beaten track. In this way you see the city through the eyes of the Hagenese and Hagenaren. Walk through the courtyards of The Hague or cycle through the most special places from city to beach. Sail with the Ooievaart through the canals of The Hague. From architecture to coffee hotspots and from the Binnenhof to the hidden gardens, these excursions reveal the best kept secrets of this beautiful city.


A day out in The Hague means choosing. There are so many attractions and sights in almost no other Dutch city. Will you visit the Binnenhof, where Dutch politics is at work, or will you discover Holland in miniature at Madurodam? One thing is certain: you will certainly enjoy yourself in The Hague!

The Hague Routes

These walking routes take you along the hidden hotspots and well-known highlights in The Hague: from beaches to shopping streets and from restaurants to palaces. Each route has its own theme with well-chosen sights. With your mobile in hand you effortlessly navigate through the city like a real 'local'.

The Hague is less than half an hour's drive from Recreatiepark de Koornmolen. You can even cycle to The Hague. In Zevenhuizen, the village next to Recreatiepark de Koornmolen, a bus goes to The Hague.

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