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de Koornmolen

Have a walk

Walking through the polders, walking along the Rotte and fully enjoying nature, this of course sounds great. The best is yet to come; you can combine all this with a holiday at Recreatiepark de Koornmolen. Recreation park de Koornmolen is located in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve. Here you can enjoy walking along all kinds of rivers and through dense forests. In addition, you can also encounter a number of beautiful birds, such as the kingfisher, cormorant, heron and various types of reed birds. A holiday at Recreatiepark de Koornmolen is not something you just forget.

Tip: bring your walking shoes, because this is really worth it!

To help you on your way, we have selected a beautiful walking route. For more walking routes or information about different villages/cities, you can always contact the reception.

Walking past the Rotte

Length: 7.14 KM

A well-known tour in the region. You can literally start this round from Recreatiepark de Koornmolen, because the Rotte is right next to it. This is a walking route in peace and through beautiful nature. In addition, you walk past various historic mills and nice restaurants with beautiful terraces that look over the Rotte, a must!

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