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de Koornmolen


During your holiday at Recreatiepark de Koornmolen you can get the chance to sail on the Rottemeren. The pleasure river offers excellent opportunities for wonderful sailing. During the tour you can stop at several ports to enjoy a snack and a drink at one of the many restaurants on a warm day.

Boat rental van Vliet

Boat rental Van Vliet has been located on the Rottemeren since 1968. What started with a number of fishing boats has now grown into a rental company with a very extensive choice. For the real sporty water sports enthusiasts there are sailing boats, pedal boats, kayaks, rowing boats and canoes. In addition, they also have several motor boats that you can rent.

The size of the Rotte makes it a good place to stay for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you stretch out by canoe or motorboat.

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