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de Koornmolen

Hiking tents

Are you on a cycling holiday? Book a spot for a hiker's tent at Camping de Koornmolen in South Holland

Rotterdam, Gouda, Delft and Leiden, these are all places that are frequently visited during a cycling holiday through the Netherlands. Coincidence or not, but all these places are close to Camping de Koornmolen. The Koornmolen is located in the southernmost tip of the Green Heart. This is a beautiful area between major cities such as Rotterdam, Gouda and The Hague. A hiker's tent site is ideal for holidaymakers who like to cycle through the Netherlands. Camping de Koornmolen has space for four tractor tents. A special field has been set up for this. The pitch accommodates small tents for up to 2 people.

The campsite will close on October 1, 2023!

Everything about the field with small tents at Camping de Koornmolen in Zevenhuizen

 On the field with tractor tents on the Koornmolen there is room for 4 tents of 2 people. There is power available. At Camping de Koornmolen, the tractor tents can be found at Futendreef 517 A to D.