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de Koornmolen

Blog #1: Why you should explore the area surrounding the Rotte!

Sunshine gives you energy. True story. At least it does for me. Everything’s prettier and better in the sun. I’m writing this blog on a nice and warm Tuesday afternoon. It’s February 26th and the mercury level has risen to 18 degrees Celsius. Previous record temperatures are exceeded with ease these days and I’m loving it. Knowing Holland, this’ll be different next week so I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

It’s pretty busy at the bungalow park at the moment. There are playing children everywhere and everyone is out and about on the terraces and backyards. It’s hard not to get a summer vibe, even though the campsite is still closed. On April 1st, the campsite will open for visitors. Our technical staff is working around the clock to make sure the campsite is ready to go in a month’s time. And let’s be honest, working outside in these temperatures ain’t bad!

Even the Rotte river, that is literally right next to Leisure Park De Koornmolen, flows even more beautiful when the sun’s out. Speaking of the Rotte, a lot of people don’t know that it’s such a magnificent area. You’re surrounded by nature, green and exceptional animals. From Rotterdam, the city that owes its name to this river, to the source in Moerkapelle – it’s just wonderful. In this blog, I’ll be discussing a couple of reasons why exploring the area surrounding the Rotte is a must.

From a bustling center to a green backyard

Two totally different worlds that are connected by the sinuous Rotte river. That’s how you best describe the complete area. The river squiggles through the world famous downtown in dynamic Rotterdam right into the playful backyard with lively frames and green natural lakes. This river provides fun, inspiration and serenity. The Rotte runs through recreation area the Rottemeren, the area where De Koornmolen has its roots. The Rotte is also the place where you come alive, discover, have fun and most importantly, enjoy yourself! And it’s closer by than you might think.

Green, green and more green

Amazing nature is a true attraction. In fact, you can go any way you want to within recreation area the Rottemeren. Whether you want to hike, bike, run or picnic; there’s endless opportunities in this lovely area. Our website also shows a couple of wonderful biking and hiking trails that are more than worthwhile. Also, the river is a true sailor’s paradise. You can rent a boat and dock at one of many places where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or grab a bite to eat. There’s also a protected part within the nature reserve: the Koornmolengat. You can only enter this reserve with a guide. You’ll find more than 70 incredible bird species that come here to breed.

The area is truly amazing and extremely versatile. I can write on and on about it, but I suggest you come and experience it for yourself. Guaranteed fun for all ages! And, seeing as we’re situated in this area anyway, it might be a good idea to book a spot on our campsite or bungalow park. Just an idea.

See below a couple of pictures of De Koornmolen’s beautiful location and surroundings.