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de Koornmolen

Blog #2: Rotterdam: a fun-filled city!

For anyone that has read my previous blog; I was right! The weather was fantastic but, as expected, followed by a couple of typical Dutch weather days. Thankfully the sun is out again on this first Tuesday of March.

Last week we paid attention to the Rotte, a beautiful river which Rotterdam owes its name to. Rotterdam. Another wonderful city. And a good subject for this week’s blog.

Some people call the area we’re in (the Eendragtspolder) the backyard of Rotterdam. I can live with that, even though I think it falls short. Anyone that’s been to Leisure Park De Koornmolen probably didn’t have the feeling that Rotterdam was so close by – the bustling city with a world class harbor. It’s because you can’t tell when you’re surrounded by nature. But Rotterdam is actually really close, you can even bike there. This is why Rotterdam can’t be missed on the list of things to do during your stay at Leisure Park De Koornmolen.

But what is there to do in Rotterdam? We know and after reading this blog, you will too.

1.      Lunch at high altitude

Delicious and fun. Maybe not so much for people that are afraid of heights, but you don’t notice it that much. The lunch room is completely round which means that you can basically see the entire city depending on where you’re sitting. The view on a clear day (kind of important otherwise you can’t see anything) is phenomenal. You don’t really know how beautiful this city is until you’ve seen it from the Euromast. The food is also really good and the staff is super friendly. In short, definitely a must!

2.      Rotterdam Zoo (Blijdorp)

Famous in Rotterdam and far beyond. An amazing zoo where you can get lost in different parts of the world. Have a look at the king of jungle (which is weird, because a lion isn’t really from the jungle) and Asia, visit the most famous gorilla in Holland in the African part of the zoo or go on an adventure through the Oceanium. Blijdorp is one of the best outing in Rotterdam and one you won’t forget easily.

3.      Miniworld Rotterdam

Rotterdam is huge, even on a small scale. It’s a nice experience. A day only takes 24 minutes at Miniworld Rotterdam. Before you know it night falls and thousands of lights twinkle in the dark. You can compare it to Madurodam, but it’s in Rotterdam instead of The Hague. Trust me, you’re going to need an extra pair of eyes. A fun way to get to know the city even better.

4.      Shopping in Rotterdam

Obviously, this metropolis is the perfect place to go shopping. There are many locations where you can do so. Take the Alexandrium mall for example, which is a short fifteen-minute drive from De Koornmolen. Alexandrium is completely indoor, so you can shop here even in bad weather. Another fun shopping location is the city center. This beating heart of Rotterdam is opened 7 days a week. It’s busy. Really busy. But fun nonetheless. Shopping can be exhausting, especially for all the men that get dragged along, but luckily you can take a nice break on the Town Hall Square or on one of the many terraces around town.

5.      De Kuip

The football temple of Holland. Whether you support Feyenoord, Ajax or any other football club; De Kuip is the finest stadium of all. The national team plays here a lot too. I would definitely recommend you to take a tour of the stadium. You can actually smell the sweat of all the icons that have passed through the tunnel. It’s a blast for a Feyenoord supporter, but any football fan would like the experience.

This is just a small selection of the many things you can do in Rotterdam. Literally too much to name. Go experience it for yourself. In short, book a spot at De Koornmolen and go on an adventure.