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de Koornmolen
14 okt 2021

Mill Stamp Bike Tour

Together with other Beleef Zuidplas ambassadors - Park Hitland and Molen Windlust, two cycling routes have been mapped right through the water garden. A short route of about 25 kilometers for families with children and a long route of about 40 kilometers for the tough guys, along the beautiful, monumental eye-catchers on the horizon: the windmills of Zuidplas.

Discover the water garden at its best while cycling!

The Stamp Card

The routes are on the Mill Stamp Map. Before you start the cycling tour, collect the stamp card at:

  • Recreational park de Koornmolen, Tweemanspolder 6A Zevenhuizen
  • Park Hitland, Blaardorpseweg 1 Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
  • Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam - Nieuwerkerk, Parallelweg-South 185 Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel

A full stamp card yields something delicious! At the end of the ride, with a full stamp card, the children receive a tasty snack. This is only possible if the stamp card is handed in at Recreatiepark de Koornmolen or Park Hitland. You can decide for yourself where.

Stamping Points

If you follow one of the routes on the map, you will come across stamp boxes along the way. These boxes contain stamps that you can put on the stamp card. The stamp points can be found on the stamp card, but for the sake of clarity you can also see them in a row here:

1. Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel near Windlust Windmill

2. Zevenhuizen at the rear mill on the 3-axis Molenviergang, at the back of the shell path, Tweemanspolder 1

3. Zevenhuizen at the separate mill of the Molenviergang. Two man polder 4.

4. Zevenhuizen at the beautiful Eendrachtsmolen in the direction of Vliet Boat Rentals.

There are various places to eat and drink along the route, as well as interesting sights, such as the ferry to Ouderkerk or Bleiswijk and the Hennipgaarde nature playground. All these tips can be found on the stamp card.

We would like to hear what you think of the bike tour. Let us know via Facebook or Instagram #molenfietstocht. If you do this, you also have a chance to win a super cool Zuidplas water bottle.

Have fun everyone and above all enjoy the beautiful nature.

There is no end date for this tour. Enjoy whenever you want!

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