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de Koornmolen
9 aug 2020

The Koornmolengat

The Koornmolengat is the last piece of swamp peat in the Tweemanspolder that has never been removed, making it a unique piece of nature. In addition to a wide variety of waterfowl and herons, this is home to a colony of cormorants and an important resting place for the blue heron, egret and kingfisher.

The Koornmolengat is not only a densely vegetated and vulnerable piece of marshland. On the part of the Rottedijk behind the Koornmolengat, traces of the first residents of Zevenhuizen have been found: a flour mill and seven simple houses made of wood and reed once stood here. The names Zevenhuizen and Koornmolengat are derived from this early habitation.

Nature and Bird Watch Rotta carries out nature management in the Koornmolengat. In addition, every year in July and August, Rotta offers a free guided tour on Friday evenings (this year until 4 September).

The Koornmolengat is only accessible during these walks. A well-maintained hiking trail runs through the 'wilderness'; sturdy walking shoes come in handy.

Due to the corona crisis, there is a maximum number of 15 participants. You can register via or 06-29242769 (at least one day in advance).

Meet at 7 pm at the bicycle parking lot at restaurant de Roerdomp in Zevenhuizen.

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